Influencer Powered TikTok Advertising For Apps

+ How Our Viral Campaign Generated  35,000 Installs In 21 Days 

+ How Our Viral Campaign Generated 35,000 Installs In 21 Days 
In this training you'll learn
🍀 How we routinely create viral App Campaigns with TikTok Ads + Refreshingly Simple User Generated Content™
🚀 The exact App Growth framework over 20+ App founders are using to rapidly grow their user base
🎯 Unlock massive scale with TikTok Ads, Content Creators & Precision AI Targeting 

Trusted By 20+ App Founders

Supercharge Your App Growth 🚀
Are you tired of having created a great app only to find out how difficult growth can be?

Now you have to roll the dice on marketing agencies and hope they create some sort of momentum. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? I get it. App founders tell me the same story every day.

What if you had a marketing system that was powerful and predictable enabling you to hyper-focus on creating a remarkable app and improving retention? Isn’t that a lifesaver?

Most app founders pour tons of money, effort, and energy into marketing campaigns that create little to no traction. 

Why wouldn't you just skip this? We have created a repeatable playbook that consistently generates viral app growth. This framework has evolved into what I call the Viral App Velocity Playbook™

With industry-leading influencer ads word of mouth begins to spread, people share and forward your videos, and the wildfire recommendation effect begins. We then pour gas on the fire with super underpriced attention on TikTok.

Ready to scale your App? Here's your chance!

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Tony Staehelin
Founder & CEO,
"Thousands of creators are signing up for Benable every day..."
Ivy Mahsciao
"Even though we’ve only launched just 2 wks ago … we’re climbing the app rankings like there’s no tomorrow! Congrats my ACE and CHAMPIONS!!!”
“Why am I not surprised having the best on our team :) @Jack Richards @Nicole Neisler”
Leading The Creator Economy 
It’s a ton of work to find and activate creators, let alone get results from their efforts. That’s where our Creator Community™ comes in. 

Nikki Neisler, our VP Of Growth & Influencer (1.8 Million Followers), built the Creator Community™. She hand picks and pours into the best health and wellness influencers so that they can create you the highest converting ads possible. With custom briefs, reporting dashboards, weekly community calls, and access to the Creator Education Campus, the influencers are happier, find more purpose and fulfillment, are excited go getters, and this reflects in what they create for your brand.

“You don’t build the business, You build people & then people build the business” - Zig Ziglar

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