4 Effective Tips To Becoming A Better Designer

4 Effective Tips To Becoming A Better Designer

Do you sometimes sit and look at other designer’s work and think, ” Man, how did this guy get so good?” or ” Wow! Me must have a lot of experience under his belt with this whole Graphic Design thing because this work is stunning. ” Let me be the first to tell you that although experience does teach you a lot in any field, especially Graphic Design, it is not everything. Today I am going to give you 4 Effective Tips To Becoming A Better Designer so you can be the one’s portfolio that people gaze at. (Psst.. here are the tips we will be covering):

  • Getting In With The Community
  • Taking Up Side Projects
  • Setting Goals
  • Learn!

1. Get In With the Community

4 Effective Tips To Becoming A Better Designer


Something that I have realized that really helped me learn more about design and the community in general when I am looking back on my whole career as a Designer was my social involvement with the Design Community. Getting in with the community not only helped me better my designs, but it helped me pick up on the lingo and see what clients regularly asked for so I wasn’t completely lost in the dust on my first few jobs. I had a larger advantage over anyone else starting that wasn’t engaging socially with the community as much as I was because I picked up more at an earlier time in my career rather than say a month down the line for the regular person who were not as involved as me.

But where do you go to join the ‘Design Community’? Well, there is no one website there is actually a collection of many. Here are a few we will be talking about that you can check out:

Let us start with Behance. You are most likely familiar with this site if you have ever tried to make a portfolio for any type of media work online. Basically Behance is a portfolio, thats pretty much it. It is extremely User-Friendly, Aesthetically Clean, and it has an outstanding Engagement system for users. But bechance is not only a portfolio for you, you can view projects and portfolios posted by millions of other users on their site.  I would recommend creating an account on their and building your portfolio with them if you have no portfolio right now and are looking to make one to get out into the design community or you just want to see what people are creating, this is one of the most important tips of the 4 Effective Tips To Becoming A Better Designer.

Next is the Graphic Design Subreddit. If you are unfamiliar with Reddit it is basically just one big site where people can talk about any subject they want in a subreddit that has been created or that they have created themselves and have people join and talk with them. The Graphic Design Subreddit has currently over 300,000 subscribers subscribed to it, and it is only growing. Need options on a new color scheme you want to try out on a project but you want to know if it looks good to other people? Easy! Just make a quick reddit post in the r/GraphicDesign page and in a few minutes you will get a handful of responses. Reddit is a great way to ask quick questions and overall just communicate with fellow designers.

Twitter. Almost everyone knows what twitter is and if you don’t you have heard of it at least once in your time. Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, “tweets”, restricted to 140 characters. Registered users can post tweets, but those who are unregistered can only read them. Users access Twitter through its website interface, SMS or a mobile device app.

Lastly, Dribble. Now dribble is a little more of an advanced form of Bechance. This is because you cannot just sign up and join Dribble any time you want, to join dribble you need an invite issued to you by another user. This gives Dribble that elite-tier status you get if you have one. Dribble is consisted more of experienced designers, so if  you are looking for to step up who sees your art then I would recommend going to hunt for an invite!


2. Setting Goals

4 Effective Tips To Becoming A Better Designer

We always think we can do more than we actually can in a day. You might believe that say on Monday you can get 4 things done but once you are halfway through your first task you mentally took down the night before, it is 1pm leaving barley any time to get the other tasks done let alone your first one. To fix this I suggest that every morning before you get started with any work you write down your daily goals on a piece of paper or your phone so you can physically check off what you get done and what you do not get done. This will help you visually see what you have to do that specific day instead of trying to remember from your memory. Some good physical journals we would recommend purchasing to write in are:

All-in-All, writing in a journal daily will help you keep your goals on a straight path so you can get more done in less amount of time.


3. Taking Up Side Projects

4 Effective Tips To Becoming A Better Designer

Now, only talking the talk will not make you a better designer, it will help but what mainly gets you to becoming a better designer is practicing. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Practice makes Perfect?” Well, it does. There are many ways to get practice in making graphics, one great way is by participating in the DailyUI challenge. Basically what it is is everyday around midnight you will receive an email giving you a theme to create a graphic. The “Contest” lasts about 90 days and if you keep every piece you made you will see how much you have improved over the 3 month, I can guarantee it. You can join the DailyUI Challenge here.


4. Learn!

4 Effective Tips To Becoming A Better Designer

You can never learn enough. Lucky, with graphics you are always learning. If you are looking to further expand your knowledge in Graphics a few things you can do are:

  • Read Books
  • Watch Youtube Videos
  • Listening To Podcasts

There are many books to read when it comes to graphics. Two we recommend are:

  • 50 Best Logos Ever – Ever wonder how Targets first logo looked like? Or How chevrons logo looked like in the 1900’s? Then this is ht ebook for you! This logo dissects every logo piece by piece so you can see what each logo is made out of.
  • The Little Know It All – This Book has everything from light, colour and perspective to law and marketing are covered in succinct, beautifully carved chapters. It’s the kind of book that you never stop reading once you start; the kind you’ll always refer back to, making it a winner on pretty much every level.

Next, watching youtube videos. Youtube Videos are amazing because you can learn so much and there are so many relating to Graphics you can spend a year watching videos and there would still b e more content. You can watch tutorials, speedarts, interviews and more! Also do not forget to subscribe to channels that you enjoy watching content from so you can be updated and see when new content arises from their channel. A few Channels we recommend you guys check out are:

  • The Futur – The Futur is an education platform where creative professionals can learn business principles. We are the future of business education for the creative entrepreneur. ” Our mission is to empower one million creative entrepreneurs to establish successful, sustainable and fulfilling businesses. “
  • Roberto Blake – Roberto Blake is the CEO and Creative Director of Create Awesome Media, LLC., where he develops and produces digital content and online media properties. Currently he is the host of a popular Creative Education Channel on YouTube, “Always Be Creating”. Roberto also host and co-produces the “Create Something Awesome Today Podcast”, in partnership with Liebsmedia.
  • Terry White –  Terry has a YouTube Channel where he shares technology reviews and Adobe Creative Suite Design & Photography Tutorials.

Podcasts are great especially if you have a long commute to work or have free listening time during your days. Great podcasts to listen to on your free time to expand your Graphic Knowledge are:

  • Reflex Blue Show – A podcast about graphic design, design, pop culture, web design, and the people working in the industry. The Reflex Blue Show is hosted by Donovan Beery, a designer living and working in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Design Matters – Design Matters with Debbie Millman is a thought-provoking internet podcast, which profiles industry-leading graphic designers, change agents, artists, writers and educators.
  • Adventures In Design – America’s only daily morning talk show for creatives just like you. Exploring the reality of trying to live your creative dreams. Sometimes educational, sometimes off topic but always entertaining!

There you go. The 4 Effective Tips To Becoming A Better Designer. Follow these and I can guarantee you will be seeing results very soon. Good luck out there!